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Q. What materialis is your ceiling tiles(ceiling panels)?

A. Our tiles is made of rigid PVC sheets (plastic).

Q.Is it easy to cut?

A.Yes, it is easy to cut by Scissors.

Q.Are the tiles solid, or if I cut them are they hollow sections between the front and rear faces on raised parts of the pattern?

A.the tiles is not solid, they hollow sections between the front and rear faces on raised parts fo the patterns.

Q. Can PVC tiles be used outside?

A. The PVC tiles shouldn't be exposed to direct sunlight and we wouldn't recommend to use them in places where temperatures can drop below freezing point.

Q. Can PVC tiles be used in humid places ( bathroom etc)?

A. The PVC tiles are water/moisture proof and could be used in bathrooms.

Q. Can I use PVC ceiling tiles as a backsplash?

A. Even though some of our customers have used PVC tiles as a backsplash we do NOT recommend to do so. The tiles made of thin and flexible PVC sheet and the raised parts of a tiles' patterns may be too fragile for that purpose.

Q. Could you please tell me if any of your tiles can be painted with my own paint?  And what type paint recommended?

A. yes, you can paint by yourself. And you can use water basis acrylic paint.  If you want to paint by yourself,  I recommend you order our tile in white matt colour.


Q. What kind of adhesive do you recommend for PVC tiles?

A. For the glue up application we recommend to use solvent based Contact Cement ( by DAP Weldwood Original formula or Lepage for Canadian customers).To glue the drop in tiles to the existing drop in tiles Liquid Nails or PL construction adhesive could be used. Water based contact cement is not recommended for any tipe of installation of this material.


Q. How to work on joints?

A. Our PVC tiles will not require any type of joint filler. All models are installed by overlapping edges (overlapping edge - approximately 1/4" wide). Once the tiles installed joints become virtually invisible as the edges become part of the design.


Q. Can tiles be made in custom color?

A. Yes, most of the tiles could be made in custom colors